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Devastation of ‘The Kashmir Files’ at the box office, earning a surprise on the sixth day, towards Earning 100cr

The destruction of Anupam Kher film ‘The Kashmir Files‘ continues at the box office. This film is breaking many records. It’s hard to stop. ‘The Kashmir Files’ has surprised everyone in terms of earnings even on the sixth day. Know how much the film earned in India.

The film ‘The Kashmir Files’ has created history. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, this film has broken box office records. Such charisma of a low budget film is rarely seen. The tsunami of Anupam Kher’s film continues at the box office on the sixth day as well. In India, the film has collected 79.25 crores within 6 days.

How many crores did ‘The Kashmir Files’ earn?

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​has shared the latest figures of the film’s earnings. He tweeted and wrote – The devastation of The Kashmir Files continues. The film has broken Nesaremyths and is breaking box office records. Day wise numbers eye opener. There is a case study. 3.55 crores on Friday, 8.50 crores on Saturday, 15.10 crores on Sunday, 15.05 crores on Monday.

Earned 18 crores on Tuesday, 19.05 crores on Wednesday. The total earning of the film has gone up to 79.25 crores at the Indian box office.

These low-spending plan films caused a commotion in the cinematic world, astounded by their gigantic income

Post Pandemic film has given dust to the figures of many big films in terms of earning on the sixth day. ‘The Kashmir Files’ has defeated Nesuryavanshi (9.55 crores), Ganguba Goo E Kathiawadi (6.21 crores), film 83 (5.67 crores). Earlier, if we talk about pre-covid movies, Tanaji earned 16.72 crores and Uri 7.73 crores on the sixth day.

Actor Darshan Kumaar went into depression after working in The Kashmir Files, the reason will surprise you

In fact, seeing this earnings of Kashmir Files, it seemed that it is impossible to stop this film. People’s excitement about the movie shows its figures. The working days figures of the film are really astonishing. After a long time, there has been a film which is earning in double digit working days. This film of Anupam Kher, Darshan Kumar is soon going to get entry in the club of 100 crores.

Did you watch The Kashmir Files movie

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