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No one will forget Russia’s actions

Let us inform that on Tuesday, while addressing the European Parliament, Zelensky said that Russia fired missiles at civilians, cruise missiles. Yekoi will not forgive. Nor will anyone forget. During this, the representatives present in the European Parliament supported Zelensky’s statement by playing Netali.

We will surely conquer the darkness

The translator was connected via video to Kiev in Brussels during an emergency session. During this, Zelensky said that you have proved that you are with us. You will not leave us alone. You proved that you are European. Now light will surely conquer darkness

We are fighting for our freedom- Russia-Ukraine War

Zelensky said, We are fighting for our country. Our cities have been blocked, yet we are free. There is no one to break us, we are strong, we are Ukrainians. Our citizens are paying the price for the attack. We are fighting for our freedom.

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