Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, who won gold in Tokyo Olympics, did wonders in Diamond League. He broke his own national record in the very first attempt by throwing a javelin 89.94 meters away.

Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, who performed well in the Olympics, has done wonders once. He has captured the silver medal while performing brilliantly in the Diamond League. With this, he broke his own national record for the second time in the last 15 days. At the same time, Grenadian Anderson Peters captured the gold by throwing a javelin 90.31 meters away.

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In the Diamond League played in Stockholm, Neeraj threw 89.94 meters in the very first attempt. In this way he broke his own national record, which was made only on 14 June. Then Neeraj won the silver medal in the Pave Nurmi Games in Turku by throwing the javelin 89.30 meters away.

Neeraj Chopra’s performance in Diamond League

  • 1st attempt – 89.94
  • Second attempt – 84.37
  • 3rd attempt – 87.46
  • 4th attempt – 84.77
  • Fifth Attempt – 86.67
  • 6th attempt – 86.84

Slipped and fell in Kuortane, still won the title

While Neeraj Chopra was on top in the Kuortane Games by throwing 86. 60 meters away. In both these tournaments held in Finland, the competition was tough. In Kuortane, Neeraj Chopra had also fallen in the third attempt due to slippage due to rain, but immediately stood up and won the title without injury.

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In Zurich in August 2018 85. Chopra played in the Diamond League for the first time after finishing fourth with a throw of 73m. This was Neeraj Chopra’s 8th Diamond League tournament. Earlier, Neeraj had played Diamond League thrice in 2017 and four times in 2018, but could not win a medal in it. Twice finished fourth.

Tokyo 2020 Photo

Neeraj Chopra shines, won silver in Diamond League, breaks national record

Neeraj will play in the World Championship next month

This was the biggest tournament for Neeraj Chopra before the World Championship to be held in the US next month, in which he performed brilliantly. The World Championship will be played from July 15, before which Neeraj Chopra will not play any other tournament, so this Diamond League was very special for him.

Neeraj Chopra shines, won silver in Diamond League, breaks national record thetrendskill

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