You may be wondering about the Lamar Jackson Biography & Lifestyle. The Baltimore Ravens picked him in the first round and he had a decent rookie season in 2018. In 2019, he had a breakout season and was named the league MVP. This makes him one of the most well-known players in the NFL. Lamar Jackson is very nice with people, is a Christian and has huge tattoos on his chest. Read on to find out more about this talented and lovable player.

Lamar Jackson’s girlfriend exists on a low key level

Lamar Jackson's girlfriend exists on a low key level thetrendskill

There has been plenty of speculation about Lamar Jackson’s relationship, but it appears that he has been seeing Jamie Taylor for a while. The two met at Louisville College and have been dating for a couple years. Despite the speculation, Lamar and Jamie have remained quite private about their relationship. While Lamar Jackson and Jamie Taylor have a long and successful relationship, they haven’t disclosed their relationship details.

Jaime Taylor was born in the United States and has an American nationality. The two have been romantically linked since college, but have remained relatively low-key about their relationship. Taylor’s appearances have been sporadic. Lamar Jackson’s relationship with Taylor isn’t as public as it is with his wife. She is an unpopular actress, and doesn’t make many public appearances.

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Lamar Jackson’s favorite player is Michael Vick

The two have many things in common, but they differ in one way: Vick played college football at Virginia Tech, while Jackson played at Florida State. The two are both mobile quarterbacks, and Jackson was a big fan of Vick when he was a kid. While Vick is revered for his arm strength, Jackson has a much stronger arm than many believe. During a college game, Jackson completed 57% of his passes, compared to Vick’s 56% career completion percentage. Those numbers scared teams away from Jackson, but Jackson has since proved them wrong. He has completed 64% of his passes in his brief NFL career.

Lamar Jackson's favorite player is Michael Vick

While Jackson’s favorite player isn’t a childhood memory, he admires Vick and watches Vick highlights to this day. Vick was Jackson’s idol growing up, and he has modeled his game after him. Michael Vick also coached Jackson in college and has been a mentor since the start of his career. The two were good friends, and Vick has been one of Jackson’s biggest influences.

Lamar Jackson net worth is projected to triple the current amount

Currently, Lamar Jackson has an estimated net worth of $4 million, but his future earnings are even more exciting. During his college career, he won the Heisman Trophy and subsequently signed a five-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens. In his rookie season, he became the starting quarterback and led the Ravens to the division title. He also became the youngest quarterback in NFL history to start a playoff game at age 21.

Lamar Jackson's net worth is projected to thetrendskill

While the Ravens have yet to officially place a franchise tag on Jackson, it is expected to increase the player’s salary to at least double his current salary. The second franchise tag would require a 120% pay increase, which would bring his salary to $52.2 million per season. With his growing popularity, he is projected to triple his current amount of money. In the next decade, Jackson’s net worth is expected to double or triple.

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