India and Turkey Syria Operation Dost Indian NDRF team
NDRF team

India and Turkey-Syria’s Operation Dost: Indian teams on the ground in earthquake-ravaged Turkey-Syria, searching for lives in the debris, see photos

Recently, more than 15,000 people in both countries have died in the devastation after the extremely severe and devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Rescue teams from all over the world are working round the clock to help there. Despite the difficult conditions, India’s rescue teams sent through NDRF are also on the ground. NDRF teams are engaged in rescue work by reaching with relief materials, mobile hospital, and other essential items from about 6 planes under ‘Operation Dost’ from India.

India & Turkey and syria mission Dosti See Photo 1 To 12 – NDRF Team

तुर्की में NDRF

NDRF Team is likewise associated with the salvage. NDRF Team is looking for lives in the flotsam and jetsam of structures in various regions. There was a 7.8 size quake in Turkey and Syria on Monday. The focal point of the tremor was close to the line between Turkey and Syria. In such a circumstance, there has been a colossal demolition in both nations.

तुर्की में NDRF

India sent relief materials, a mobile hospital, and specialized search and rescue teams in 6 C-17 Globe master military transport aircraft to aid Turkey’s rescue efforts. Apart from this, India has sent tons of relief material including life-saving medicines and medical items in a transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) to earthquake-affected Syria besides Turkey.

Many countries around the world have helped these two countries in the rescue and relief efforts. Women personnel are also included in these teams of the NDRF Team Indian Army.

तुर्की में NDRF

Under this activity, clinical game plans have likewise been sent from India for individuals who endure the destruction, were truly harmed, or were pulled out of the garbage in the wake of being covered for 15-16 hours.

A field emergency clinic is being set up by the Indian Armed forces in Iskenderun of Hatay territory in Turkey. When prepared, it will be a 30-bed completely furnished clinical office with activity theaters, X-beam machines, ventilators, and so on. NDRF Team

तुर्की में NDRF

The clinical group of the Indian Armed force is taken part in the treatment of the protected harmed. The Service of Outer Undertakings told that these Indians caught in the quake-impacted pieces of Turkey are protected however one (NDRF Team) Indian is absent. The administration of India is in contact with the group of missing Indians in Turkey.

तुर्की में NDRF

70 countries including India are helping; 70 countries including India and 14 international organizations have extended a helping hand to Turkey, which is facing the brunt of the earthquake. The government of India has sent several NDRF Team from Ghaziabad and Kolkata bases to Turkey to conduct rescue and relief operations in the affected areas of Turkey.

तुर्की में NDRF

Countries around the world are providing help in Turkey and Syria, but many lives are still buried under the debris. It is waiting for an angel to reach; newborn children are coming out of this debris, who had just come to this earth. In Turkey, after 53 hours and 55 hours, children are being pulled out alive from the debris.

Here the stories of rescue operations are going to make you emotional. Here a baby girl has been rescued who was born in the debris after the earthquake. The mother of this child died in the debris after giving birth to it, while its umbilical cord was attached to the mother.

तुर्की में NDRF

Panic spread in Turkey on Monday due to three tremors. There was a third earthquake in Turkey on Monday evening. Its intensity on the Richter scale was 6.0. This is the third earthquake in Turkey in the last 24 hours. 2818 buildings were destroyed by the earthquake.

So far 2470 people have been rescued from inside the debris. But thousands of people are still trapped in the debris. Massive rescue and relief operation is going on. NDRF Team

तुर्की में NDRF

The first tremor of the earthquake in Turkey came at around 4.15 am on Monday morning. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the Gaziantep area, which is only 90 kilometers away from the Syrian border. The earthquake also caused massive devastation in Syria. The earthquake caused havoc in many cities in Syria.

There is news of the death of more than 2500 people due to an earthquake in Syria alone. In the early hours of Monday, people on both sides of the border woke up from the tremors of the earthquake. Skyscrapers started shaking due to the tremors of the earthquake. A large number of people have lost their lives in this disaster.

तुर्की में NDRF

NDRF Team – Utmost of Turkey lies on the Anatolian Plate. To the east of this plate is the East Anatolian Fault. There’s a motor fault on the left side. Which joins with the Arabian plate? To the south and southwest is the African Plate.

Whereas, towards the north is the Eurasian Plate, which is connected to the North Anatolian Fault Zone. The Anatolian Tectonic Plate is moving counter-clockwise The Anatolian Tectonic Plate beneath Turkey is moving counter-clockwise.

That is, the Anatolian monumental plate under Turkey is moving in the anti-clockwise direction. ie retrograde. Also, the Arabian plate is pushing it. Now when the Arabian plate pushes the rotating Anatolian plate, also it collides with the Eurasian plate. also, there are strong temblors of earthquakes.

तुर्की में NDRF

Talking about the earthquake, the pictures from Turkey’s Hatay are painful. Many houses here have turned into debris. The houses built with years of earnings have suddenly collapsed. Rescue operations are going on continuously in Turkey and Syria.

Even now, seeing the condition of the houses, hundreds of families are feared to be buried under the debris. But it has been more than three days since the incident, not only this, the cold is also intensifying in the earthquake-affected areas, in such a situation, the hope of people getting out alive is now decreasing.


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