3 Ways to Increase Your Appetite

Change in diet – Loss of appetite is generally not considered a serious problem and can be overcome by making simple changes in your diet. There are always some spices in the kitchen of every home, which along with increasing the appetite also helps in increasing the appetite. You can also try it like- Your Appetite

Cardamom – Sweet or salty, cardamom is the queen of spices. Cardamom apart from its strong aroma and distinctive taste is also very useful for digestion and appetite. Not only has this, chewing one or two green cardamom in the mouth reduced stress when there is a lot of stress or restlessness. Eating 2-3 cardamom seeds before meals makes you hungry and the food is easily digested.

Ajwain – It is recommended to eat a plant that is useful for making vegetables or salads in stomach related problems, as its seeds help in proper digestion of enzymes and acids required for digestion of food in your digestive system. If you do not feel hungry, mix lemon juice in 2-3 spoons of carom seeds. When carom seeds have completely absorbed the lemon juice, make a powder by adding a little black salt to it and take half a teaspoon of lukewarm water daily. It has many advantages.

Lemon Juice – Regular consumption of lemon, which is rich in Vitamin-C, strengthens the body’s immune system and helps in the production of juice. Also, if you squeeze lemon juice and consume iron-rich foods like cereals and spinach, your body will be able to absorb Vitamin-C better. In case of indigestion, put a piece of lemon in the fire and heat it for a few seconds. Lick the lemon juice slowly by adding a little black salt.

How to use all of these – Your Appetite

If you have heaviness in your stomach, then eat Khichdi with some ghee in dinner for a few days. This will not only relax the digestive system, but also get rid of hunger.

  1. Avoid tea or coffee with meals, as these drinks reduce appetite
  2. Consuming turmeric milk before sleeping at night helps in increasing appetite. Avoid spicy food and don’t eat heavy meals at night.
  3. Eating curd and buttermilk also makes you hungry.
  4. Grinding it with coconut oil every morning also helps in hunger.
  5. Taking a spoonful of Desi ghee and sugar after a meal helps in increasing appetite.
  6. Consumption of garlic in food is considered to increase appetite. If garlic is peeled and cut 10 minutes before adding garlic to the vegetable, then some enzymes start secreting from it which is very beneficial for the body.
  7. Regular exercise not only increases energy but also reduces appetite.
  8. Use fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables instead of canned and market made foods. Get enough sleep so that you will wake up refreshed in the morning, which will increase your appetite.

Diseases caused by not eating good food

  1. Anemia– Anemia condition occurs when the level of hemoglobin in your body becomes less than normal.
  2. Diabetes – In diabetes, food reaches the digestive system very slowly, due to which the stomach is always full.
  3. As you age, your taste buds and ability to digest food gradually decline. This affects the appetite.
  4. Cancer – Serious diseases such as cancer affect appetite, but also cancer of the stomach or pancreas and cancer of the lungs and cervix. The main reason for this is the side effects of the medicines given in these diseases.
  5. Stomach Infection – When your body is affected by any kind of viral or bacterial infection, it also affects your appetite. Problems like diarrhea, cough and cold, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion or abdominal pain can cause problems in eating and drinking.
  6. Anxiety and stress – In times of extreme anxiety and stress, some people tend to overeat, as food calms their mind. But, at the same time, some people give up eating and drinking completely due to stress.
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