Heropanti 2 movie review and reaction

Today we will talk about Tiger Shroff’s movie which is titled Heropanti 2, so let’s start what to talk about this movie, I am going to tell my own past about this movie. After watching this, I had to wash my eyes with phenyl, my head was hurting so much that I had to take 2-3 pain medicines. While watching Heropti, I felt that someone forced me to lock me in the theater while watching this movie, I was shocked to know that there are 3237 popcorns in a big basket of popcorns. I am telling you the reality, if you want to take out your enmity with someone, then give him the tickets of Heropanti 2 movie once.

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After talking a little about the cast of this movie, while watching the movie, it seemed that who had left Tiger Shroff open for something, which he had to do and forgot the gravity in this movie by the team of Heropanti and Tara Sutra. Get Tara to write an apology on a paper for what she has done in the movie Nawazuddin Siddiqui is seen in the mainland in this movie who is the master mind of all cyber crime in the world but I personally did not expect Nawazuddin Siddiqui that he Will make such a movie and tell about the director of the movie, by telling the name of some of these old movies, you got to know about them.
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