If you’re looking for someone who’s role model for consumers, you’ve probably come across the Instagram profile of the multimillionaire rapper Deshaun Watson. This entrepreneur has an enormous passion for high-end classic cars and owns a Bentley worth around $200,000, as well as a Lamborghini worth over $1 million. While Deshaun is still single, he is reportedly dating Instagram model Jilly Anais.

Deshaun Watson is a role model for consumers 1Deshaun Watson is a role model for consumers thetrendskill

If you’re looking for a consumer role model, Deshaun Watson may be just the guy. The former NFL player has a great heart for family and charity, but he also has a love for high-end classic cars, including a Lamborghini and a Bentley. He also has a passion for food and started a Deshaun Watson Food Drive, which provided food to more than 10,000 people last year.

Deshaun Watson owns a multimillion-dollar mansion

After signing a four-year, $152 million contract in February 2017, the NFL star has decided to make his mansion his own. His contract includes a $27 million signing bonus, as well as an additional $110 million in guaranteed money. His salary totals $44.7 million a year, or $3.7 million a month. That means he can afford a $1 million monthly mortgage. It is not clear whether Watson will pay off the house before he is done playing football.

Deshaun Watson owns a multimillion dollar mansion thetrendskill

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Though the future Clemson football star has transformed his diet since his college days, Deshaun Watson still loves to eat sour gummy worms on game days. The star quarterback revealed his guilty pleasure in a recent interview with GQ. He explained that he usually tries to stay away from these sweet treats, but on game days he is not so strict and indulges in them.

Deshaun Watson has a passion for high-end classic vehicles

Football star Deshaun Watson has a huge heart for his family and charity. He is also known to have a love for high-end classic cars and has two of them, one being a Lamborghini valued at $1.5 million and the other, a Bentley worth $200,000. Although Deshaun is currently single, he has been rumored to be dating Instagram model Jilly Anais.

Deshaun Watson has a passion for high-end classic vehicles thetrendskill

Aside from his renowned football skills, Deshaun Watson is a generous philanthropist. The foundation he founded aims to help communities in need. In addition to providing housing and education assistance, it also offers college scholarships and health support to families. Watson has set many goals for himself, including accelerating his high school and college graduation. Recently, he signed a four-year, $160 million contract extension with the Houston Texans.

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