13 women died after falling into a well in an accident during a wedding ceremony in Kushinagar. More than 10 women are seriously injured. The accident happened in Naurangiya Tola village of Nebula Naurangiya police station area of Kushinagar.

Falling in a well during a wedding ceremony in Kushinagar from 13 girls and women died. Accident Naurangiya Tola of Nebula Naurangiya police station area of Kushinagar Happened in the village More than 10 women serious in the accident there is also news of serious injuries. According to the news, Women, and girls, Turmeric ceremony in the marriage program had reached there for

During this, the slab of the well broke due to the high pressure of the crowd. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath expressed grief over the accident and announced a help of 2 lakh to the families of the deceased and 50 thousand to the injured from the PM fund. At present, there is an atmosphere of mourning in the village of Naurangiya Tola and preparations are being made to raise 13 means simultaneously.

A total of 13 girls and women have died in this accident, of which seven are minors. This is List-

13 women died

When did the accident happen?

Parmeshwar Kushwaha would never have imagined that such a big mishap would happen on the boy’s wedding day. The atmosphere of marriage celebration in Naurangiya Tola village suddenly turned into mourning. On Wednesday, the Haldi ceremony was going on around 7.30 pm. The women gathered near a well in the village. Some women were sitting on the slab of the well.(13 women died)

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Around 8.30 suddenly the slab of the wall collapsed and the women fell into the well. Immediately the commotion started and the entire village got involved in the rescue. In the rescue, the entire village started trying to get people out with the help of ropes and stairs. Apart from this, about 9 tankers of water were taken out from the septic tank. After that, the bodies started coming out.

Death of 12 women of the village itself, of a murder

In this village of Naurangiya School Tola, the death toll alone is 12, while one woman is of Kasaya, who has died. There have been a total of 13 deaths. There is an atmosphere of mourning in the entire Region. Simultaneously, 12 meanings are rising from the village. Everywhere the voice of the boy is heard screaming and listening. Top officers of the administration are also present on the spot.

Men were preparing to cook, women were busy in matter

Eyewitnesses say that women were busy in the matter while men were busy in preparing the food. Meanwhile, everyone rushed to that side with the news of women falling in the well. People did not understand what to do. In the meantime, some young boys got down in the well with the help of a rope and started evacuating women and girls.

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